Carrie Naumann

So, after years of working as a freelance designer, and being hired to work on projects for many magazines, I can finally create projects with real people! YAY! I’m very excited to lead workshops in my own adorable little shop in Beaverdale, Iowa.

I host workshops for kids and adults. I love to learn new things and explore, especially with kids because they have a way of viewing the world and nature that is honest, curious and refreshing. I hope my kids and the children around me have a life-long love of learning and creative thinking. I wish this for
adults too.

I have lived in Des Moines all my life and love the Midwest. I am a mom to 4 amazing kids, have been a Girl Scout leader for years. I have a  BFA in Graphic Design and I still do freelance graphic design. I  love my family, friends, movie nights, birds, ribbons, my dog Scout, gardening, Cherry Garcia, color, type, babies of all kinds, design, board games, the beach, sharing ideas, kindness, cooking, paper, camp, art markers, lots of coffee, nature, good music, laughing until I snort, fabric & Christmastime. I absolutely love to share my creativity to anyone who’ll join in. 

Look for the orange arrow & come visit me at 
4505 Forest Avenue/Des Moines, IA/ 50311